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Nigeria Monitoring Hundreds Of Potential Ebola Patients In Second Cluster Of Cases

News outlets report on the developing situation in Nigeria, where Ebola cases continue to be detected.

ABC News: Diplomat Who Fled Quarantine at Center of Second Ebola Cluster in Nigeria
“…The first cluster [of Ebola] emerged in July, when an infected Liberian-American man named Patrick Sawyer flew into Lagos. Sawyer died within days of arriving and Nigerian officials tried to prevent an outbreak by quarantining his close contacts. But Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed that a diplomat with the Economic Community of West African States ignored that quarantine and traveled from Lagos to Port Harcourt after developing symptoms of the deadly disease…” (Mohney, 9/4).

Reuters: Nigeria monitoring 400 contacts of doctor who died of Ebola
“Nigerian authorities are monitoring nearly 400 people for signs of Ebola after they came in contact with a Port Harcourt doctor who died of the disease but hid the fact that he had been exposed, a senior Nigerian health official said on Thursday…” (Nebehay, 9/4).