Nigeria Launches New Plan To Eliminate MTC HIV Transmission By 2015

News outlets report on Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan’s launch of a new plan to eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission in the country by 2015.

Daily Times: No Nigerian Child Should Be Born With HIV — Jonathan
“President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday inaugurated a national operational plan for the Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (EMTCT) with a declaration that no Nigerian child should be born with HIV…” (Aminu, 11/14).

The Guardian: Jonathan to launch new HIV plan for mothers, babies today
“…The plan, according to the Director General of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, John Idoko, aims to ensure that no child is born with HIV in Nigeria. And faced with the reality of dwindling donor funding for the HIV battle, Nigeria is turning to the private sector to provide needed support to prevent the HIV battle from failing, Idoko has said…” (Anuforo/Anako, 11/13).