News Outlets Report On Various Aspects Of COVID-19 Outbreak

AP: Iran state news agency says new virus has killed 2 citizens (Vahdat, 2/19).

Foreign Policy: Are China’s Coronavirus Figures Reliable? (Palmer, 2/19).

New York Times: To Prevent Next Coronavirus, Stop the Wildlife Trade, Conservationists Say (Nuwer, 2/19).

NPR: Coronavirus Is Contagious, But Kids Seem Less Vulnerable So Far (Aubrey, 2/20).

NPR: The Wide-Ranging Ways In Which The Coronavirus Is Hurting Global Business (Feng/Cheng, 2/19).

NPR: Pressing Unanswered Questions Remain Regarding The Coronavirus (2/19).

Reuters: China HIV patients risk running out of AIDS drugs in days: UNAIDS (Kelland/Liu, 2/19).

Reuters: ‘Like a zombie apocalypse’: Residents on edge as coronavirus cases surge in South Korea (Shin/Cha, 2/19).

The Telegraph: Warning for African countries as coronavirus cases mount worldwide (Newey, 2/19).

Wall Street Journal: Two Coronavirus Cruise Ship Passengers Die in Japan (Inada/Bhattacharya, 2/19).

Wall Street Journal: Sick, but Not Coronavirus? China’s Other Patients Struggle to Get Care (Kubota et al., 2/19).

Washington Post: How the coronavirus can kill people (Johnson, 2/19).