News Outlets Recognize World Toilet Day, Discuss Various Aspects Of WASH, Related Diseases

Devex: Why the Gates Foundation wants you to talk about poop
“…The big question [Bill Gates] poses in his recent blog post ‘A perfume that smells like poop?’ is whether this technology will make a difference for the one in three people who lack access to improved sanitation. Firmenich, a partner of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is launching pilots in communities across India and Africa to understand whether the fragrances — whether in spray or powder form — will make toilets and pit latrines more inviting for users…” (Cheney, 11/18).

NPR: Diarrhea 101: Time To Talk About Something We Don’t Usually Talk About
“Diarrhea isn’t something we usually discuss in public. But as the second leading cause of death for children younger than five, it’s a topic global health advocates want more people to talk openly about…” (Poon, 11/18).

U.N. News Centre: On World Toilet Day, U.N. spotlights impact of sanitation on peoples’ livelihoods
“To mark the 2016 edition of World Toilet Day, along with urging action to tackle the oft-neglected global sanitation crisis, the United Nations is also spotlighting the impact of sanitation — or lack of it — on livelihoods and work environments…” (11/18).