News Outlets Examine Roles Of U.S. Congress, Ebola Coordinator In Epidemic Response

News outlets examine the roles of Congress and the U.S. Ebola coordinator in responding to the Ebola epidemic.

CQ News: Congress Has Thin Legislative Record on Combating Disease Outbreaks
“Although Congress has publicly fretted over the threat of infectious disease pandemics, there have been few legislative attempts in the last two decades to address such health emergencies, leaving lawmakers with a limited set of policy options as they try to contain the Ebola outbreak…” (Zanona, 10/27).

The Hill: Ebola czar faces first big test
“Confusion over how to handle health care workers returning to the United States from Ebola hot zones is becoming the first serious test for Ron Klain, the man President Obama asked to coordinate the federal response to the virus…” (Sink, 10/27).