News Outlets Examine Relationships Among U.N., Western World Leaders On Various Issues

New York Times: Donald Trump and the U.N.: Signs of Clashing Views on Many Issues
“In the genteel, carpeted halls of the United Nations headquarters, a 20-minute walk from Trump Tower, diplomats from the world over are holding their breath about the American president-elect. The optimists among them are expressing relief that Donald J. Trump said nothing during the campaign about dismantling the United Nations altogether … Those who represent the United States’ closest allies are trying to learn who Mr. Trump will appoint to crucial foreign policy jobs and how he will actually approach the pressing crises that are sure to come up before the Security Council: Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, and the widening chasm between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Not least, many are trying to persuade his transition team to respect the international deals the United States has accepted under the auspices of the United Nations…” (Sengupta/Gladstone, 11/19).

Reuters: Rich world angst about foreigners threatens refugee aid: U.N. refugee chief
“The rise of nationalism in rich countries poses a worrying challenge to the tide of migrants fleeing wars, the U.N. refugee chief said on Sunday, urging international cooperation to manage the flows pragmatically ‘rather than building walls.’ U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said he was talking to northern countries about how to rebuild respect for the principle of asylum, put under pressure by politicians’ misleading portrayal of refugees as a threat…” (Maclean, 11/20).