News Outlets Examine Potential Impacts Of Trump Presidency On Women’s Health Abroad, Foreign Aid

Los Angeles Times: What Trump’s presidency could mean for refugees, foreign aid, and women’s rights abroad
“…Some development experts hope a Trump administration will continue the Republican tradition of promoting foreign assistance as a means to promote global health, democracy, and economic growth around the world. … But the president-elect’s initial choices and the uncertainty over the makeup of his Cabinet are rattling some development professionals. … Many in the global development community are now concerned about what lies ahead for everything from refugee resettlement and women’s reproductive rights to foreign aid, and U.S. efforts to combat poverty, hunger, and disease worldwide…” (Simmons, 11/22).

NBC News: What Will Trump Presidency Mean for Women’s Health Abroad?
“Groups working to improve the health of women around the world are nervous that the Trump presidency could mean an unraveling of what they consider to be eight years of progress in helping women get birth control, healthier babies, and safer births. And they are not sure what they can do about it…” (Fox, 11/27).

New York Magazine: It’s Not Just American Women Who May Be Harmed by Donald Trump’s Presidency
“Mere days into his presidency, Donald Trump is expected to make a critical decision on women’s reproductive health that could have dire and immediate consequences for women worldwide. Global health experts believe Trump will likely reinstate the Mexico City Policy — or as it’s known in the health community, the Global Gag Rule — a Reagan-era policy prohibiting groups receiving U.S. aid from providing abortions, or even counseling patients about the procedure. Doing so could force clinics to close, decrease access to contraception, and lead to an increase in unsafe abortions, experts say…” (Ryan, 11/21).