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News Outlets Examine Efforts To Legalize Abortion In Latin American Nations

The Guardian: Latin America’s fight to legalize abortion: the key battlegrounds
“An estimated 6.5 million abortions take place across Latin America each year. Three-quarters of these procedures are unlawful, often performed in unsafe illegal clinics or at home. Of 33 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, only Cuba, Uruguay, and Guyana permit elective abortions. Women also have the right to choose in Mexico City. Elsewhere, however, the right to an abortion is severely restricted, with terminations often permitted in cases of rape, or if the pregnancy will endanger the life of the mother…” (Kelly, 8/9).

New York Times: They Lost Argentina’s Abortion Vote, but Advocates Started a Movement
“They narrowly lost the vote. But as supporters of a bill to legalize abortion in Argentina began to shake off a stinging defeat in the Senate on Thursday, they took consolation in having galvanized a reproductive-rights movement across Latin America and began to consider how to redirect their activism…” (Politi/Londoño, 8/9).