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News Outlets Discuss Recently Discovered Podoconiosis Outbreak In Uganda

CNN: Volcanic minerals behind mystery elephantiasis outbreak in Uganda
“…[Elephantiasis] is typically caused by infection with parasitic worms, transmitted through certain mosquito species. But an investigation by [Uganda’s] Ministry of Health has revealed a new root cause: volcanic soil. This method of contracting the disease is known as podoconiosis, or non-filarial elephantiasis…” (Senthilingam, 4/10).

NPR: The Unexpected Cause Of This Awful Disease Lay Right Underfoot
“…[The team] interviewed more than 40 people with the disease and found that nearly all of them had something in common: They farmed in volcanic rock — without wearing shoes. … The disease is widespread along the equator in Africa, with 10 countries reporting cases. Ethiopia alone has at least a million cases and Cameroon at least half a million, the World Health Organization says…” (Doucleff, 4/10).