News Outlets Continue Coverage Of Trump’s Expected SOTU Announcement Of Plan To Halt HIV Transmissions In U.S.

The Advocate: Trump Is a Hypocrite on HIV, Activists Say (Ring, 2/4).

New York Times: Trump Expected to Announce Plan to Stop Spread of HIV in the U.S. by 2030 (Pear/Rogers, 2/4).

Vox: Trump is expected to call for an end to HIV in the US by 2030. That’s totally realistic (Belluz, 2/5).

Washington Post: Trump is planning campaign to halt transmission of HIV in U.S. by 2030 (Bernstein et al., 2/4).

Washington Post: Trump used to brag about forcing women to take tests for HIV. Now he wants to eliminate its spread (Stanley-Becker, 2/5).