Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of Trump’s SOTU Pledge To Eliminate HIV Epidemic In U.S. By 2030

Daily Beast: State of The Union: Trump’s Bold AIDS Plan May Be Undermined By His Anti-LGBT Agenda (Allen, 2/5).

Fox Business: Inside Trump’s plan to end the HIV epidemic and what sparked it (Scipioni, 2/6).

The Hill: Trump’s AIDS turnaround greeted with skepticism by some advocates (Hellmann, 2/7).

International Business Times: Trump HIV Plan Seeks To Eradicate Disease In U.S. By 2030 (Doctor, 2/6).

Nature: Scientists kick the tires on Trump’s plan to tackle HIV (Maxmen, 2/6).

NPR: Halting U.S. HIV Epidemic By 2030: Difficult But Doable (Neel/Simmons-Duffin, 2/6).

PBS NewsHour: How realistic is Trump’s pledge to end HIV in the U.S.? (Brangham, 2/6).

ScienceInsider: How HIV/AIDS ended up in Trump’s State of the Union speech (Cohen, 2/6).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: LGBT+ groups dismiss Trump pledge to beat HIV by 2030 as empty rhetoric (Elks, 2/6).

TIME: Trump Wants to End HIV Within 10 Years. Here’s What That Would Take, According to Experts (Ducharme, 2/6).

Washington Blade: Trump’s call to end HIV epidemic falls on skeptical ears (Johnson, 2/5).

Washington Times: HHS outlines Trump’s campaign to end HIV/AIDS (Howell, 2/6).