New York Times Publishes Several Articles On Global Incidence Of, Efforts To Prevent Rabies

New York Times: Rabies Kills Tens of Thousands Yearly. Vaccinating Dogs Could Stop It.
“…Mission Rabies, which is part of Worldwide Veterinary Service and supported partly by Dogs Trust Worldwide, both nonprofits, has targeted Goa [in India] as a place to demonstrate the viability of its program to stop the spread of canine rabies. It spends about $300,000 a year and has vaccinated 100,000 dogs a year since 2017, about 50,000 a year before that. Deaths of people from rabies in Goa fell to zero last year from 15 in 2014, when the campaign started. There are none so far in 2019…” (Gorman, 7/22).

New York Times: Where Rabies Is Entrenched
“…Rabies, one expert has written, ‘became a neglected disease when it was eliminated from Europe and North America.’ The vast majority of the estimated 59,000 human deaths each year from rabies are in Africa and Asia, in countries with large populations of free-roaming dogs that provide a so-called reservoir for the virus…” (Gorman, 7/22).

New York Times: Five Things to Know About Rabies
“One of the world’s most studied and preventable diseases is still a deadly and common threat in much of the world…” (Gorman, 7/22).