New York Times Examines Case Of Salvadoran Woman Who Sought Abortion

Highlighting the case of Beatriz, a woman in El Salvador who sought an abortion in “a challenge to one of the strongest anti-abortion laws in the world,” the New York Times examines whether “doctors in a country that bans abortion under any circumstances manage[d] to terminate the pregnancy without violating the law” when they performed “a caesarean section that ended her high-risk pregnancy after almost seven months of gestation.” According to the newspaper, “With no guidance on how to proceed in complicated cases or a clear definition of what constitutes an abortion, [doctors] say, the country’s strict penal code has left itself open to interpretation.” The New York Times notes, “At its root, some legal experts said, the case was largely a battle over words.” The news analysis examines measures doctors have taken in the past to skirt the law (Zabludovsky/Palumbo, 6/4).