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New Technologies Emerge To Address Malnutrition, Fight Disease

News outlets report on emerging technologies to address undernutrition and fight diseases, specifically through food.

The Atlantic: The Science of Designing Food for the World’s Poor
“…The Canadian government has poured $2 million in aid into the product [Mi Comidita] — a super-cereal for kids during their pivotal first two years, and specially designed for a country with the world’s fourth-highest chronic undernutrition rate for children under five. … Foods like Mi Comidita are invented to address specific micronutrient deficiencies in certain populations, and in recent years new technologies have emerged to produce such products in a more sophisticated fashion…” (Friedman, 6/2).

New York Times: Fighting Deadly Disease, With Grains of Rice
“Yoshikazu Yuki and other researchers at the University of Tokyo are bioengineering rice in a bid to turn it into an easy and low-cost storage and delivery medium for drugs to combat common infectious and contagious illnesses…” (Nagano, 6/2).