New Global Nutrition Report Presents Challenges To, Signposts For Addressing Malnutrition

Financial Times: Global nutrition crisis demands step change in response
Corinna Hawkes, director of the Centre for Food Policy at City University and co-chair of the Global Nutrition Report

“Malnutrition — in all its forms — is a far-reaching crisis that threatens to derail human development, with almost every country in the world now facing a serious challenge from undernutrition, obesity or both. These are the stark findings of this year’s Global Nutrition Report, an independently produced annual stock-take of the state of the world’s nutrition. … What we’re increasingly coming to understand is that the twin challenges of maternal and child undernutrition on one hand, and overweight and obesity, on the other, are intimately connected. All have poor diet at their root. … The report paints a troubling picture of the challenges posed for governments and societies everywhere, but it also signposts a way forward, one that places nutrition at the heart of global efforts to meet the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Funding for nutrition needs to be turbocharged. … But the quality of the response is also critical. We will not succeed in tackling malnutrition unless our efforts encompass both the causes and the effects of malnutrition…” (11/3).