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New Report From ONE Reviews Agricultural Development In Africa Over Past Decade

“In a report launched [on Tuesday] — a valuable yardstick called, ‘A Growing Opportunity: Measuring Investments in African Agriculture’ — ONE reviews the past decade and finds some notable successes in terms of mustering money and political commitment, and the impact of agricultural development,” Roger Thurow, senior fellow on global agriculture and food policy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, writes in the group’s “Global Food For Thought” blog. He discusses food security issues in Africa over the past 10 years, details some of the report findings, and notes, “ONE suggests the agriculture development plans need more transparency and greater consultation with civic organizations, particularly farming groups and women’s organizations. They need a clearer focus on women farmers, who do most of the smallholder farming in many countries. And they need a stronger emphasis on improving nutrition as well as production” (3/26).