New Malaria Tests Under Development Could Improve Diagnosis, Treatment

Australian Associated Press/The Guardian: Malaria could be diagnosed through breath test, Australian scientists find
“…Australian scientists have made the groundbreaking discovery that malaria-infected patients have higher levels of certain chemicals in their breath. The chemicals are undetectable to the human nose, but can be used to detect the disease much earlier than the traditional method of using a microscope to find parasites in blood…” (4/20).

VOA News: New Test Set to Be Game Changer in Eradicating Malaria
“…As World Malaria Day approaches (April 25), mortality rates are falling and a new test — well into the last stage of trials — is having positive results in Kenya. … The [Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test (MRDT)] gives results in 20 minutes and costs $1, which is affordable even in rural communities…” (Ruvaga, 4/20).