New Bill On Reproductive Rights In Nepal Could Help Improve Health, Lives Of Nepalese Women, Girls

Inter Press Service: Nepal: Where Abortion is Treated as Homicide
Sabin Shrestha, executive director of the Forum for Women, Law, and Development (FWLD)

“…A new bill on reproductive rights has been recently approved in principle by the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministers Council, which will respond to the concerns highlighted by our Supreme Court nine years ago and will separate reproductive rights as a distinct legal issue. It will ensure that women have much better access to information on their rights and that a fund is set up for women who cannot access free abortions, carried out by only qualified health personnel. We are hopeful that the government will formally enact this into law in the coming months, which will also finally make it impossible to convict a woman of homicide if she has an abortion or suffers a miscarriage. This would provide a context for securing the release of those who are still in prison for very unfair reasons and transform the futures of millions of Nepalese women and girls” (6/6).