Nearly 30 Countries Vulnerable To Ebola-Type Outbreaks Without Stronger Health Care Systems, Report Says

News outlets discuss a new report from Save the Children examining lessons learned from the Ebola epidemic for health care systems development.

The Guardian: Ebola epidemic is ‘wake-up call’ for investment in universal health care
“Up to 30 countries are vulnerable to an Ebola-style epidemic, unless the world sits up and helps get urgent investment into universal health care, a report has found. Improving the health systems in the three Ebola-hit African nations would have helped to prevent the epidemic and cost a third of the relief effort, says Save the Children in a new investigation of the epidemic that has claimed more than 9,500 lives…” (O’Carroll, 3/2).

Reuters: Nearly 30 countries ‘highly vulnerable’ to Ebola-style epidemic: charity
“…An increasingly mobile global population makes deadly outbreaks more likely, with the emergence of two new diseases a year that can be spread between animals and humans making stronger health systems crucial, Save the Children said. The charity’s report comes as political and development agency leaders gather in Brussels to discuss the Ebola crisis…” (D’Urso, 3/2).