Nations Worldwide Facing Disruptions, Impacts From COVID-19 As Virus Spreads West

AP: Global spread of new virus brings more travel woes, bans
“The accelerating spread of the coronavirus created new barriers between the world’s regions and peoples Thursday, draining color from India’s spring festivities, closing Bethlehem’s Nativity Church, contributing to a British airline’s collapse, and blocking Italians from visiting elderly relatives in nursing homes. As China, after many arduous weeks, appeared to be winning its epic, costly battle against the new virus, the fight was just revving up in newly affected areas of the globe, unleashing disruptions that profoundly impacted billions of people…” (Sedensky et al., 3/5).

Additional coverage of how various nations and organizations are addressing COVID-19 is available from New York Times (2), NPR, Reuters (2), U.N. News, and Washington Post.