Multiple NGOs Suspend Operations In War-Torn Syria; Government Forces Attack Hospital In Alleged Misuse Of U.N.-Supplied Coordinates

Al Jazeera: Syria’s war: NGOs suspend aid to embattled Idlib province
“U.N.-linked aid groups have suspended activities in parts of violence-plagued northwestern Syria, where escalating bombardments by the government and Russia are jeopardizing the safety of humanitarian workers…” (5/11).

Fox News: Syrian hospitals bombed by Assad, Russian troops after coordinates were shared with the U.N.
“Over the past two weeks, Syrian and Russian warplanes have hammered the last remaining rebel-held bastion in the country’s north — killing dozens and prompting almost 200,000 people to flee. Not only is the renewed offensive raising red flags that a final showdown might be underway in the long-running civil war, but that government forces may have misused data provided to them by the United Nations to gain an advantage and target hospitals…” (McKay, 5/11).