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MSF Says International Ebola Response Needs Additional Coordination, Funding, Staff

News outlets report on a briefing paper released by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) criticizing the response to Ebola in West Africa.

The Guardian: World’s Ebola response slow, patchy and inadequate, Médecins Sans Frontières says
“The medical NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has launched a scathing attack on the international community for its slow and patchy response to the effort to stamp out Ebola in West Africa…” (O’Carroll, 12/2).

The Hill: Doctors Without Borders slams global response to Ebola
“…[MSF] released a report Tuesday warning that a shortage of staff, funding, and leadership is leading to ‘significant delays’ in curbing the epidemic…” (Ferris, 12/2).

New York Times: New Concerns Over Response to Ebola Crisis
“…The tone of the warning, by Dr. Joanne Liu, the group’s international president, was pessimistic compared with an appraisal made on Monday by the World Health Organization, which said significant progress had been made in reversing the upward trajectory of the disease…” (Gladstone, 12/2).