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MSF Beginning To Close Some Hospitals In Haiti Opened After Earthquake

Miami Herald: Haiti’s maternal mortality rates among the highest. So why is this hospital closing?
“In a country where more women die before, during and after childbirth than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere, poor women in Haiti with high-risk pregnancies now have one less option for life-saving care. The Geneva-based medical charity, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), has closed down its free, round-the-clock maternity hospital in Haiti’s capital at Delmas 33. … Michelle Chouinard, MSF’s head of mission, said … ‘It’s not MSF’s role to remain indefinitely.’ … The charity’s 122-bed trauma hospital in Tabarre, which receives a large number of head trauma cases and broken bones related to the country’s motorcycle culture, is scheduled to close permanently in June 2019. But other medical facilities run by the charity will remain open…” (Charles, 7/19).