Geneva Conventions Commission Awaits U.S., Afghan Government Permission To Begin Investigation Into Bombing Of MSF Kunduz Hospital

New York Times: Inquiry Into Kunduz Hospital Strike Awaits U.S. and Afghan Approval
“The aid group Doctors Without Borders said on Wednesday that an independent investigation into the American military airstrike that gutted the group’s trauma hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz on Oct. 3 would begin pending the agreement of the United States and Afghan governments…” (Schreuer, 10/14).

Reuters: Global panel seeks to investigate U.S. bombing of Afghan hospital
“…[Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)] has been demanding that the independent humanitarian commission created under the Geneva Conventions in 1991 be activated for the first time to handle the sensitive inquiry. ‘The commission has already offered its services to the governments of the USA and Afghanistan,’ a Swiss foreign ministry spokesman said in an email to Reuters on Wednesday. ‘Any investigation would require the agreement of both governments, however’…” (Nebehay, 10/14).