More Than 225 Current, Former Global Leaders, VIPs Urge G20 To Adopt $2.5T Plan To Address COVID-19, Especially In LMICs

AP: 225 VIPs urge world powers to adopt $2.5 trillion COVID plan
“More than 225 current and former global VIPs urged the world’s 20 major economic powers on Monday to hold an urgent meeting to agree to a $2.5 trillion plan to tackle COVID-19 and launch an economic recovery from the pandemic, especially for hard-hit developing and middle-income countries. They said in a letter that these poor and middle-income countries, which represent nearly 70 percent of the world’s population and approximately one-third of global GDP, demand immediate action…” (Lederer, 6/2).

The Independent: Coronavirus: Three former PMs among world leaders calling for $2.5 trillion emergency package for developing countries
“…Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, and Sir John Major are among the eminent roster of ex-presidents, prime ministers, and leaders of international institutions calling for an emergency summit of the G20 to agree a global health and economic recovery plan which would ‘send out a message of hope for the future.’ Without urgent and concerted action, the letter warned that the world faces a deep recession threatening hundreds of millions of the poorest and most disadvantaged with unemployment, destitution and starvation, along with a second wave of Covid-19 outbreaks in the developing world sweeping back to reinfect richer nations which have got the disease under control…” (Woodcock, 6/2).