E.U. Leaders Meet In Person To Discuss $2.1T Budget, COVID-19 Recovery Plan

NPR: E.U. Leaders Meet In Hopes Of Closing Divisions Over COVID-19 Relief Package
“European Union leaders were going into their first face-to-face meeting in months on Friday, hoping to hammer out details of a 1.85 trillion euro ($2.1 trillion) E.U. budget and COVID-19 recovery plan amid a global pandemic that has touched off the worst recession in the bloc’s history. The urgency of the crisis has caused the leaders of the 27-nation grouping to abandon a series of video conference summits in favor of looking one another in the eyes — albeit from across a large room. The E.U. is deeply divided between members eager for a proposed 750 billion euro ($855 billion) stimulus package to offset the economic pain of the pandemic, such as Spain and Italy, and northern European nations whose economies have been less affected…” (Neuman, 7/17).

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