More Secondary Schooling Reduces Risk Of HIV Infection In Botswana, Especially Among Women, Study Shows

Agence France-Presse: Longer schooling brakes AIDS spread
“Longer schooling seems to be an effective and affordable way to cut the risk of HIV infection in AIDS-endemic countries, according to the results of a study in Botswana published Monday. Data collected among 7,018 people in Botswana found that an extra year of secondary schooling lowered the risk of HIV infection over the following decade by eight percentage points — from about 25 to 17 percent…” (6/28).

VOA News: Study: Tenth-grade Education Cuts HIV Risk
“…The study, its authors say, is evidence that education is cost-effective HIV prevention, not even counting all the other benefits. … Writing in the journal The Lancet Global Health, the study found the risk of infection overall fell more than eight percentage points, from 25.5 percent to 17.4 percent. The effects were even larger for women: 11.6 percentage points…” (Baragona, 6/28).