More Political Will, Investment Needed To Fill ‘Serious’ Gaps In TB Detection, Treatment

CNN: Time to wake up to shocking toll of TB
Eric Goosby, U.N. special envoy on tuberculosis and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco

“…[I]t’s clear that the political backing and momentum to make the bold strides needed to drive down the [tuberculosis] epidemic just do not yet exist, though we know that path is possible. … [A]s the latest World Health Organization report on the global TB epidemic released this week states, there are serious detection and treatment gaps that are keeping people from being cured. … The major reason for these gaps is a shortfall in funding. … The truth is that if we want to drive down TB deaths, a larger injection of funding is needed — at a level befitting such a global threat. … As the United Nations special envoy on tuberculosis, I am committed to mobilizing greater political commitment across the globe to fight TB and ensure that those most vulnerable have access to quality care. More than 4,000 deaths a day is a shocking figure. Let’s not be immune to that shock” (10/28).