On World TB Day, Experts Warn Widespread TB Infection Leaves Many More Vulnerable To COVID-19; WHO Issues New Consolidated Preventive Treatment Guidelines

AFP/France24: The other pandemic: world urged to learn TB lessons
“…On the occasion of World TB Day, experts warned Tuesday that the sheer number of people impacted by tuberculosis — which leaves survivors with permanent lung damage — means there are additional millions globally vulnerable to COVID-19…” (3/24).

DW: WHO: Tuberculosis is the world’s deadliest infectious disease
“Tuberculosis kills more people than any other infectious disease, according to information shared by the United Nations (U.N.) on Tuesday. Around 1.5 million people died from the bacterial infection in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported, bringing attention to World Tuberculosis Day on March 24…” (3/24).

U.N. News: Amidst pandemic, now is the time for action to also beat tuberculosis, urges WHO
“…New WHO guidance aims to help countries accelerate efforts to stop those infected with TB from becoming sick by giving them preventive treatment, which will also cut down on the risk of transmission. The WHO chief highlighted the importance of continuing efforts to tackle longstanding health problems, including TB, during global outbreaks such as COVID-19…” (3/24).

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