More News In Global Health

Der Spiegel: Other Diseases Are Spreading in the Shadow of COVID-19 (Backhaus et al., 5/13).

DW: Coronavirus: COVID-19 shouldn’t make us forget other major infectious diseases (Schmidt, 5/13).

The Guardian: Covid-19 crisis raises hopes of end to U.K. transmission of HIV (Segalov, 5/14).

IPS: Former Child Bride Holds Pakistan to Account for Wrongful Imprisonment in Historic Legal Challenge (Ebrahim, 5/8).

New York Times: New Inflammatory Condition in Children Probably Linked to Coronavirus, Study Finds (Belluck, 5/13).

U.N. News: COVID-19 could help turn the tide on ocean health in Asia-Pacific (5/13).

U.N. News: Take ‘all appropriate public health measures’ to protect detainees from coronavirus, U.N. urges (5/13).

Wall Street Journal: Soaring Prices, Rotting Crops: Coronavirus Triggers Global Food Crisis (Trofimov et al., 5/13).

Wall Street Journal: As Coronavirus Cases Fall, Countries Struggle to Measure When It’s Safe to Reopen (Pancevski/Fidler, 5/13).