More News In Global Health

Bloomberg: Hackers Target WHO by Posing as Think Tank, Broadcaster (Gallagher, 5/7).

The BMJ: Covid-19: Health needs of sex workers are being sidelined, warn agencies (Howard, 5/7).

CNN: These are the ’10 plain truths’ about the coronavirus pandemic, according to former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden (Kim/Watts, 5/6).

Devex: Q&A: COVID-19 brings health surveillance efforts into sharp focus (5/8).

Devex: Interactive: Explore 25 years of uneven gains for girls (Cornish, 5/7).

Devex: Designing mental health programs: Faith, culture key elements (Smith, 5/7).

The Guardian: Pollution causing birth defects in children of DRC cobalt miners — study (Kelly, 5/6).

Homeland Preparedness News: New CEPI funding opportunity aims to speed up COVID-19 vaccine production (Galford, 5/7).

New York Times: After Recovery From the Coronavirus, Most People Carry Antibodies (Mandavilli, 5/7).

ProPublica: How Climate Change Is Contributing to Skyrocketing Rates of Infectious Disease (Lustgarten, 5/7).

Quartz: Regulators would consider releasing an unapproved coronavirus vaccine (Goldhill, 5/8).

The Telegraph: Covid-19 could reverse a decade of developing world progress, U.K. government scientist warns (Newey, 5/7).

U.S. News & World Report: How Lessons From Ebola Can Help Fight COVID-19 (Galvin, 5/8).