More News In Global Health

Borgen Magazine: The End Tuberculosis Now Act of 2019 (Gordon, 10/19).

Los Angeles Times: Measles making a deadly comeback across Africa (Mahr, 10/20).

New Dawn: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s vision for global health (10/17).

New York Times: Venezuela’s Water System is Collapsing (Kurmanaev/Herrera, 10/19).

NPR: Where You’re Born Even Within A Country Still Matters (Huang, 10/22).

POLITICO: Telescope: The New AIDS Epidemic (Multiple authors, October 2019).

The Telegraph: Family of doctor who helped U.S. target bin Laden plead for his release (Farmer/Yusufzai, 10/22).

The Telegraph: Drug companies urged to make research available to health workers in poorer countries (Gulland, 10/22).

U.N. News: Millions of young lives at risk due to humanitarian funding shortfall: UNICEF (10/22).

Washington Post: Industry dominates Trump’s new council of science advisers (Guarino, 10/22).

Xinhua: Spotlight: Impact of trade frictions raises concerns for global health (Pierrepont/Heng, 10/19).