More News In Global Health

Associated Press: In South Sudan, midwives bring down deaths despite the odds (Mednick, 4/13).

Borgen Magazine: The World’s Largest Refugee Camp: Life in Cox’s Bazar (Dunphey, 4/15).

Forbes: Here Is A Major Soil Problem That Will Affect Health (Lee, 4/14).

Fox News: Madagascar measles epidemic kills over 1,200 people (Aaro, 4/14).

Homeland Preparedness News: International research team creates Middle East Respiratory Syndrome vaccine (Galford, 4/12).

New York Times: Melinda Gates on tech innovation, global health and her own privilege (Marchese, 4/14).

The Telegraph: One in ten suffer chronic illness as air pollution in Nepal soars (Wallen, 4/14).

Wall Street Journal: WhatsApp Users Spread Antivaccine Rumors in India (Purnell, 4/13).

Xinhua News: Tanzania making progress in fight against HIV/AIDS (4/15).