More News In Global Health

The Guardian: Polio spreads in Afghanistan and Pakistan ‘due to unchecked borders’ (Ahmed, 2/20).

The Guardian: Cervical cancer could be eliminated in most countries by 2100 — research (Boseley, 2/20).

The Guardian: Condom handouts in schools prevent disease without encouraging sex (Ratcliffe, 2/15).

Homeland Preparedness News: Potential bioterrorist use of smallpox should put world on notice, experts say (Riley, 2/19).

IRIN: As Afghanistan’s capital grows, its residents scramble for clean water (Glinski, 2/19).

Livemint: India’s goal of ending TB by 2025 will be a tough task, says Global Fund (Thacker, 2/18).

Los Angeles Times: A specter hangs over Nigeria’s presidential election: Hunger (Mahr, 2/15).

Nature: This Nigerian doctor might just prevent the next deadly pandemic (Maxmen, 2/20).

STAT: Italy proposes the WHO set international standards for drug-pricing transparency (Silverman, 2/14).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Is high finance growing a social conscience? (Shearman, 2/19).

VOA News: Oxfam: Forced Marriages Aren’t Going Away in South Sudan (Solomon, 2/19).