More News In Global Health

The Guardian: Police arrest 19 people over FGM gang attacks on women in Uganda (Okiror, 1/24).

IRIN: ‘New humanitarians’ take a seat at the table (1/24).

Reuters: WHO warns of deadly outbreak of rat-borne hantavirus in Argentina (Kelland, 1/24).

STAT: After ‘CRISPR babies,’ international medical leaders aim to tighten genome editing guidelines (Begley, 1/24).

U.N. News: ‘Stigma plays a big role’ in failure to tackle world opioid crisis, advocate tells U.N. (1/24).

U.N. News: ‘Forgotten crisis’ in Cameroon, with attacks on the rise, millions in need of ‘lifesaving assistance’ (1/24).

U.N. News: Environment and health at increasing risk from growing weight of ‘e-waste’ (1/24).

UPI: Clinical trial starts for temperature-stable tuberculosis vaccine (Dyson, 1/23).

Washington Post: As youth anger over climate change mounts, protests spread around the globe (Noack, 1/25).