More News In Global Health

Devex: Call for road deaths to be recognized as child health emergency (Abrahams, 12/14).

Devex: Aid community silenced in Ethiopia (Root, 12/14).

Devex: The impact of climate inaction on food security (Cornish, 12/13).

The Guardian: ‘A child is killed daily’: saving lives in Brazil’s deadliest city for adolescents (Griffin, 12/14).

The Lancet: Funding falling for mine victim assistance (Zaracostas, 12/15).

Reuters: With no antiretrovirals, Venezuela HIV patients rely on leaf remedy (Ramos/Sequera, 12/13).

STAT: China’s history with AIDS explains a puzzling aspect of the ‘CRISPR babies’ story (McLaughlin, 12/14).

U.N. News: Civilian death toll continues to mount in Syria, U.N. relief chief tells Security Council (12/13).

VOA News: International Charities Work to Brighten Malawi Girls’ Future (Masina, 12/13).

Xinhua News: U.N. General Assembly resolution calls for better nutrition for women, children (12/14).

Xinhua News: U.N. says 26 mln Central Africans need aid in 2019, 22 pct up from 2018 (12/14).