More News In Global Health

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Devex: Questions raised over private sector accountability on safeguarding (Anders, 5/15).

The Guardian: Sudan urged to pardon teenager facing death for killing husband who raped her (Beaumont, 5/14).

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Reuters: Kenyan doctors angered by move to hire Cuban doctors (Ndiso, 5/14).

SciDev.Net: Listeriosis in South Africa could impact HIV control (Chopera, 5/14).

Scientific American: How Climate Change Is Making It Harder to Predict Outbreaks (Parshley, May 2018).

Scientific American: Is Malaria’s Peculiar Odor the Key to Its Conquest? (Conniff, 5/14).

The Telegraph: Is this the face of Disease X? The deadly pathogens which could cause the next global pandemic (Crilly, 5/14).

U.N. News: ‘Never forget children,’ UNICEF warns of escalating violence in Central African Republic (5/14).

U.N. News: Preventive action could save billions of dollars in food assistance costs — U.N. agency (5/14).

U.N. News: Step up humanitarian support to 7.1 million people and invest in Sudan’s development: U.N. relief chief (5/14).