More Newborns Surviving In South Asia, But Region Not On Track To Achieve Regional, SDG Newborn Targets, UNICEF Release Says

UNICEF South Asia: 100,000 newborn lives saved since 2018
“South Asia is making progress in saving the lives of newborn babies. Since 2018, an additional 100,000 newborn lives have been saved in South Asia. This is because of progress made in expanding access to, quality, and utilization of newborn health services. Despite this positive progress, however, the region is not on track to achieve the UNICEF Regional Office of South Asia headline result of saving 500,000 additional newborn lives by 2021. If progress continues at the same pace, 250,000 will be saved — not 500,000. The region is also not on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal newborn target…” (1/14).