More Companies, Organizations Should Use Human Excrement As Source Of Biogas, Fertilizer

The Guardian: When will the world wake up to the potential of poo power?
John Vidal, Guardian’s environment editor

“…In Europe and the U.S. human waste is seen as a major health risk, but to generations of Chinese and Vietnamese farmers accustomed to handling organic manures ‘night soil’ — as it is known — is a safe, desirable, organic fertilizer high in phosphorous, nitrogen, and nutrients. Treated properly, it’s safe, commands premium prices, and restores goodness to overworked fields. … The environmental benefits of producing both biogas and a rich fertilizer from human waste are well-documented. Apart from hygienically disposing of the excreta, which is a serious health problem in India and parts of Africa where people defecate in the open, it also saves cutting down forests and burning fossil fuels to generate the electricity needed to make modern phosphorous-based fertilizers. When linked to a generator the poo can produce electricity. Not just win-win. But win, win, win, win…” (11/16).