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Mobile Money Program Helping Fight Malnutrition In Guatemala

“Known as mobile money, electronic currency can be stored on a mobile phone and, using a personal identification number, converted into cash at designated points and transferred to other mobile phone users,” which facilitates “[g]etting cash … to remote rural communities after a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane,” the Thomson Reuters Foundation/Christian Science Monitor reports. “In Guatemala, which has high levels of child malnutrition, families facing or experiencing hunger are now receiving cash in this way on their mobile phones, thanks to a project in which mobile phone operator Tigo and the charity Oxfam in Guatemala have teamed up to help families in the eastern province of Chiquimula,” the news service writes. “Tigo and Oxfam plan to ramp up the use of mobile money in Guatemala, which is vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters,” the news service states (Moloney, 12/16).