Vodafone Foundation To Provide Mobile Phone Data To Government Of Ghana To Help Track, Contain Disease Outbreaks

The Guardian: Vodafone to track users in Ghana to halt spread of epidemics
“Vodafone is partnering with the government of Ghana to share the movements of its customers to help track and contain the spread of epidemics such as the Ebola virus. The charitable arm of the mobile phone company said it would provide real-time tracking data from its 8.7 million customers in Ghana, which could provide invaluable information on population movements during an outbreak…” (Sweney, 2/26).

Reuters: Vodafone’s mobile data to be deployed to fight epidemics in Ghana
“…The level of activity at each mobile phone mast will provide a heat map of where people are and how far they are moving during an outbreak, while the data gathered will be used for decision-making in a number of areas — including health, agriculture, and transportation, it said. … The program, which will launch later this year, will be funded by the Vodafone Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Vodafone Foundation said” (Sandle, 2/26).