Meeting SDG Target Of Halving Deaths Due To Road Traffic Injuries By 2020 Requires ‘Concerted Multisectoral Action’

The Lancet Global Health: Speaking up for global road safety
Editorial Board

“This week marks the fifth U.N. Global Road Safety Week. … As the decade of road safety ends, many countries are unlikely to meet the ambitious [Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)] target of halving all deaths due to road traffic crashes by 2020. Significantly reducing the number of injuries and fatalities on the world’s roads will require concerted multisectoral action from government agencies, politicians, the police, the automotive industry, schools, health services, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and road users in all countries. Having responsible and accountable leadership in place is crucial to mobilize action. Health workers, who play such an important role in the post-crash response, both in terms of providing care at the scene and within hospitals and health facilities, should stand shoulder-to-shoulder with all other stakeholders and speak up to help prevent these needless tragedies” (5/6).