Media Outlets Examine Various Aspects Of COVID-19 Outbreak, Response

AP: Stress, rumors, even violence: Virus fear goes viral (Klug, 2/21).

Devex: As global cases climb, Latin America readies for coronavirus response (Welsh, 2/21).

New York Times: ‘No More Hugging, No More Kissing.’ At Home in Hong Kong With 2 Frontline Doctors (May, 2/20).

New York Times: Why the Coronavirus Seems to Hit Men Harder Than Women (Rabin, 2/20).

Reuters: Virus shows plight of China’s overstretched doctors (Harney, 2/21).

Reuters: China lab says conspiracy theories hurting efforts to curb virus (Stanway, 2/20).

Science: First deaths of cruise ship passengers fuel debate over Japan’s handling of quarantine (Normile, 2/20).

STAT: Once widely criticized, the Wuhan quarantine bought the world time to prepare for Covid-19 (Begley, 2/21).

Washington Post: Coronavirus-infected Americans flown home against CDC’s advice (Sun et al., 2/20).