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Media Outlets Examine Humanitarian Situation In Yemen, As Fighting Intensifies Following Calls For Ceasefire

IRIN: Deaths before data
“What is happening in Yemen looks like ‘famine’ as it is commonly understood — children, for instance, are dying of starvation. Yet the difficulty of collecting data means that an official famine, which has a technical definition and a high threshold, may still not be declared…” (Oakford, 11/12).

Reuters: Street battles rage in Yemen’s Hodeidah, civilians caught in crossfire
“Street battles raged on Sunday in residential areas of Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah, forcing medical staff to flee the largest hospital, as Houthi insurgents tried to repel forces backed by a Saudi-led coalition. … The coalition has renewed its offensive on Hodeidah as Western allies, including the United States, called for a ceasefire to support U.N.-led efforts to end the nearly four-year war that has killed more than 10,000 and pushed the country to the brink of starvation…” (Ghobari, 11/11).

Washington Post: Is this the turning point for the war in Yemen?
“…The killing of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has focused international anger on Riyadh and seemingly led the kingdom’s Western allies to reexamine their backing of the intervention [in Yemen], which has killed at least 10,000 people and now has about half the country’s population on the brink of famine, according to the United Nations…” (Tharoor, 11/13).