Media Outlets Discuss Newly Approved Ebola Vaccine From Merck, Trial In DRC Outbreak Of Experimental Vaccine From J&J

DW: New Ebola vaccine enters real-world DRC test phase
“Health authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo started using a new vaccine to control the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, global health NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) said on Thursday…” (11/14).

The Hill: Ebola vaccine approved
“…By prequalifying the [newly approved Merck Ebola] vaccine, the WHO hopes to accelerate its dissemination, allowing United Nations agencies and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, to obtain and distribute the vaccine. Merck says that it will work with the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. as well as agencies across Africa to secure broader approval…” (Fox, 11/14).

Additional coverage is available from Al Jazeera.