Media Outlets Continue To Cover Trump Administration’s Actions Related To Fetal Tissue Research

New York Times: Fetal Tissue Research Is Curtailed by Trump Administration
“Should the government pay for medical research that uses tissue from aborted fetuses? This debate, ever smoldering, has erupted again, pitting anti-abortion forces in the Trump administration against scientists who say the tissue is essential for studies that benefit millions of patients…” (Grady, 12/12).

STAT: Freeze on fetal tissue procurement may impede work at NIH cancer lab, agency says
“…The Trump administration is in the midst of a wide-ranging audit into research involving human fetal tissue. As part of that review, the NIH asked staff scientists to ‘pause’ purchases of fetal tissue beginning in September, as Science first reported…” (Swetlitz, 12/12).

Washington Post: Fetal tissue research targeted by abortion foes inside administration
“…At stake is critical federal funding for research into diseases that range from HIV to cancer to Zika, vaccine production, and treatment for maladies such as Parkinson’s disease…” (Bernstein/Goldstein/Sun, 12/12).