Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of Malaria Vaccine Pilot Program In African Countries

BBC News: Malaria: Africa pilots world’s first vaccine in major trial (4/25).

Deutsche Welle: Malaria vaccination: Paving the way to immunity (Fricke, 4/25).

The Lancet: RTS,S malaria vaccine pilots in three African countries (Adepoju, 4/27).

Nature: First proven malaria vaccine rolled out in Africa — but doubts linger (Maxmen, 4/25).

New York Times: Widespread Testing Begins on Malaria Vaccine That Is Only Partly Effective (McNeil, 4/24).

Quartz: The new malaria vaccine program for African children is promising but still quite limited (Adepoju, 4/27).

SciDev.Net: Malaria vaccine rollout in children ‘ends hiatus’ (Michael-Phiri, 4/26).

VICE: The World’s First Malaria Vaccination Is Here (Joshi, 4/25).

Vox: Malaria is among the world’s biggest killers of children. Now there’s a vaccine (Piper, 4/24).