Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of ‘London Patient,’ HIV Research Implications

Forbes: Second-Ever HIV Cure Seen In London AIDS Patient Is Rare, But It Might Not Have To Be (Mack, 3/5).

NBC News: Top HIV doctor says ‘London Patient’ cure ‘too risky’ to be feasible treatment (Fitzsimons, 3/5).

New York Times: An HIV Cure: Answers to 4 Key Questions (Mandavilli, 3/5).

NPR: Bone Marrow Transplant Renders Second Patient Free Of HIV (Harris, 3/5).

NPR: London Patient Cleared Of HIV (Greene/Harris, 3/5).

NPR: How Much Is Today’s HIV Research Centered Around The Search For A Cure? (Kelly, 3/5).

Popular Science: The treatment that cured two HIV cases won’t work for most patients (Wetsman, 3/5).

Reuters: U.S. AIDS activists welcome London ‘cure’ but warn against complacency (Ax, 3/5).

The Telegraph: From ignorance to a potential cure: the history of HIV breakthroughs (Gulland/Newey, 3/5).

U.N. News: U.N.’s AIDS agency ‘greatly encouraged’ by latest scientific breakthrough showing cure is possible (3/5).

USA TODAY: HIV patient seemingly cured in second remarkable case, London doctors report (May, 3/5).

Wired: The Gene Mutation That Could Cure HIV Has A Checkered Past (Molteni, 3/5).