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‘Meaningful Community Engagement’ Essential To Addressing TB Epidemic

Devex: Opinion: We can address, control, and mitigate tuberculosis. Here’s how.
Ib Hansen, international development worker

“…While greater global investment into research and treatment is essential, the factors preventing a greater reduction in global incidents of TB must be addressed at a more localized level. Stigma, mistrust, and false beliefs among affected populations can only be tackled through direct engagement, the development of trust, and, crucially, tried and tested approaches to disease prevention in such communities. The good news is we know how to do this. … Approaches involving meaningful community engagement, based on tried and tested methods and models and working collaboratively with affected communities, must be prioritized, funded, and replicated if we are to break the back of the TB epidemic. At-risk communities deserve an approach that empowers them, consults with them, and strengthens their ability to lead the fight against TB. We cannot afford another lost decade” (10/20).