WHO Issues New TB Prevention Guidance; Global Health Community Recognizes World TB Day

WHO: New WHO recommendations to prevent tuberculosis aim to save millions of lives
“New World Health Organization (WHO) guidance will help countries accelerate efforts to stop people with tuberculosis (TB) infection becoming sick with TB by giving them preventive treatment. A quarter of the world’s population is estimated to be infected with TB bacteria. These people are neither sick nor contagious. However, they are at greater risk of developing TB disease, especially those with weakened immunity. Offering them TB preventive treatment will not only protect them from becoming sick but also cut down on the risk of transmission in the community…” (3/24).

Aurum Institute: New, Shorter Treatment To Prevent TB To Be Rolled Out In Five High-Burden TB Countries (3/24).

The Global Fund: Fighting Tuberculosis: Lessons for COVID-19
Peter Sands, executive director of the Global Fund (3/23).

The Global Fund: World Tuberculosis Day (3/24).

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders: World TB Day 2020: As coronavirus spreads, preventing and treating tuberculosis must remain a priority (3/24).

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders: COVID-19: Avoiding a ‘second tragedy’ for those with TB (3/23).

UNAIDS: Tuberculosis — good progress, but not enough (3/23).